Solidarity to the TYP Students and Alumni

The Guelph Student Mobilization Committee (GSMC) wishes to express its solidarity with the students, alumni and other allies fighting to preserve the Transitional Year Programme (TYP) from being eliminated at the University of Toronto.

 The TYP is an important program that allows people who were not able to complete high school to access a university education. Over the past three decades, the TYP has helped students from marginalized backgrounds, including single mothers and people from immigrant families living in poor neighbourhoods of Toronto, to receive post-secondary education and pursue their dreams. Considering its vital contributions to the Toronto community, as well as constantly increasing tuition fees and other barriers to education, the TYP should be expanded, not cut!

 We at the University of Guelph are facing a similar struggle, as our administration is currently attempting to cut $32 million from its programs and services over the next three years. At the same time, it continues to increase tuition fees every year by hundreds of dollars per student. Marginalized and working-class students are being pushed out from our university or forced to take on increasing levels of debt, trapping them in poverty, while the quality of education and services is continually degraded in favour of private sector interests.

 We are a group of students and workers who, like you, are struggling against an administration that is driven by corporations and sees students as nothing but cash cows. We wish you the best of luck and hope your struggle will serve as an inspiration to students elsewhere in Canada and for the people in general.

 Save the TYP! Stop the cuts!

 In solidarity,

Guelph Student Mobilization Committee