“The Cuts Hurt Me Because…”

We are sharing the experiences and stories of folks across campus – from students to workers, program cuts hurt us all. See below some of the reasons why. This is a growing catalogue, with images added as they come. Email csaext@uoguelph.ca if you would like to be featured in this photo profile! Contact student.mobilization@gmail.com for more information about the campaign and how you can get involved.

Kyle_cuts hurt me Beth_cuts hurt me Sonia_cuts hurt me Peter_cuts hurt me Mike_cuts hurt me Matt_cuts hurt me Julie_cuts hurt me Brit_cuts hurt me Kevin_cuts hurt me Ethan_cuts hurt me Brendan_cuts hurt me Sarah_cuts hurt me Sonali_cuts hurt me Amber_cuts hurt me  Dita_cuts hurt me Michaela_cuts hurt me Janice_cuts hurt me Laura_cuts hurt me Scarlett_cuts hurt me Hannah_cuts hurt me Zena_cuts hurt me Amber_cuts hurt me Chuma_cuts hurt me Nadia_cuts hurt me Svenja_cuts hurt me David_cuts hurt me Yasmin_cuts hurt me