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“The Cuts Hurt Me Because…”

We are sharing the experiences and stories of folks across campus – from students to workers, program cuts hurt us all. See below some of the reasons why. This is a growing catalogue,… Continue reading

GSMC Questionnaire for CSA Candidates – The Results Are In

All CSA candidates were given five questions to answer on accessibility of education, building the student movement, budget cuts, the elimination of programs and the corporatization of research. The responses were then analyzed… Continue reading

Pay More, Get Less!

Last September, the administration of the University of Guelph announced it was beginning a ‘Program Prioritization Process’ (PPP), which it said would “assess all of its academic and non-academic programs and services…to identify… Continue reading

GSMC’s “Freeze the Fees” Explodes the Myths!

The Guelph Student Mobilization Committee is launching the “Freeze the Fees” campaign in the Winter 2013 semester.  This campaign is built around the central demand of freezing tuition fees for the 2013-2014 academic… Continue reading

Freeze the Fees 2013

The Guelph Student Mobilization Committee (GSMC) is excited to present our new campaign – ‘Freeze the Fees 2013’.  This campaign is designed to tackle the problem of too high and ever-rising tuition fees… Continue reading

Fight for Equality, Down With Tuition Fees!

Article by Róisín Lyder The government would like students to believe that the twin issues of skyrocketing tuition fees and ever-mounting student debt have no negative impact on the accessibility of education or… Continue reading