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Where should University of Guelph’s budget priorities lie?

Budgets are about priorities, and at UofG, Senior Administration’s include: Increase tuition fees by the maximum amount (3% for Bachelor programs & 5% for professional programs for domestic students, 5% for incoming international… Continue reading

Pay More Get Less: Year in Review

The Pay More Get Less campaign had a busy year last year, and we will be continuing our hard work this fall to advocate against tuition fee increases and budget cuts. We will… Continue reading

In Solidarity with Quebec Students protesting against austerity!

The Pay More Get Less campaign, a coalition of students and workers at Guelph, stands in solidarity with Quebec students fighting against austerity. Quebec students are facing huge budget cuts to their education… Continue reading

Stick it to the BOG: Down with Cuts and Tuition Fees

Students and workers at the University of Guelph will be protesting budget cuts and tuition fee increases on Thursday, February 26th at 10:30 am in the University Centre Courtyard. The Board of Governors… Continue reading

Analysis of University finances from the University of Guelph Faculty Association (UGFA)

Read the University of Guelph Faculty Association’s analysis here: FAC Financial Statement Analysis(1) The University of Guelph is claiming that we will be facing a 25.4 million dollar deficit. The UGFA financial analysis… Continue reading

In Solidarity With Ryerson Students

On November 17, at 4:00 pm, Ryerson students held a rally and started an occupation in front of Ryerson’s Administrative building.  Guelph students  of the Pay More Get Less Campaign stand in solidarity… Continue reading

Solidarity with Kemptville and Alfred students!

(Le français suit) The first major cuts resulting from the university’s program “prioritization process” were announced, with the closure of the regional campuses in Kemptville and Alfred in Eastern Ontario. Following a leak,… Continue reading

‘Student Space Initiative’ Vote A Step Back For Students

Last week, students voted in with 53.6% the “Student Space Initiative”, approving the collection every semester of $2 per full-time student and 75 cents per part-time student, with the goal of amassing $750,000… Continue reading

Faculty and Students Continue to Disagree with the Administration Over the PPP and Proposed Cuts

By Róisín Lyder Campus was abuzz with talk of the Program Prioritization Process the week of its release. Hundreds of campus community members packed themselves into Peter Clark Hall to listen to the… Continue reading

10 Reasons to Drop the PPP and Stop the Cuts!

The University of Guelph Administration is currently promoting the “Program Prioritization Process” (PPP).  This process, which saw programs evaluated and ranked against each other, is designed to guide $32.4 million worth of cuts… Continue reading