‘Student Space Initiative’ Vote A Step Back For Students

Last week, students voted in with 53.6% the “Student Space Initiative”, approving the collection every semester of $2 per full-time student and 75 cents per part-time student, with the goal of amassing $750,000… Continue reading

GSMC Questionnaire for CSA Candidates – The Results Are In

All CSA candidates were given five questions to answer on accessibility of education, building the student movement, budget cuts, the elimination of programs and the corporatization of research. The responses were then analyzed… Continue reading

Solidarity to the TYP Students and Alumni

The Guelph Student Mobilization Committee (GSMC) wishes to express its solidarity with the students, alumni and other allies fighting to preserve the Transitional Year Programme (TYP) from being eliminated at the University of… Continue reading

Students, Workers and Faculty Assemble to Discuss Resistance to Cuts

On Monday January 27th, student, worker and faculty representatives met at the University of Guelph for an “Alternative Town Hall”. James Compton, from the Canadian Association of University Teachers, and Kate Lawson, President… Continue reading

Faculty and Students Continue to Disagree with the Administration Over the PPP and Proposed Cuts

By Róisín Lyder Campus was abuzz with talk of the Program Prioritization Process the week of its release. Hundreds of campus community members packed themselves into Peter Clark Hall to listen to the… Continue reading

10 Reasons to Drop the PPP and Stop the Cuts!

The University of Guelph Administration is currently promoting the “Program Prioritization Process” (PPP).  This process, which saw programs evaluated and ranked against each other, is designed to guide $32.4 million worth of cuts… Continue reading

Cuts Allocations Released!

The University has released how budget targets will be allocated across departments. Click here to read the entire report. Here is how academics faired in the PPP (p.10):   And here is how… Continue reading

PPP Results Released!

We heard some folks were having trouble accessing the University’s website to look at the report so here it is in all its glory: the Program Prioritization Process Task Force Report. If you’d… Continue reading

Pay More, Get Less!

Last September, the administration of the University of Guelph announced it was beginning a ‘Program Prioritization Process’ (PPP), which it said would “assess all of its academic and non-academic programs and services…to identify… Continue reading

A Year in Review with the GSMC

IN THE BEGINNING  By spring 2012 hundreds of thousands of people were hitting the streets in Quebec in support of the student strike and against the proposed 75% increase in tuition fees. A… Continue reading